Who Are We

Kid2youth is an ergonomic furniture brand from Taiwanese multinational company TCT Nanotec. TCT has been selling this brand for decades in almost all the developed countries in the world. Ergosphere Ergonomics are the sole distributors for ergonomic furniture in India.

About Us

What is ergonomics?

The term "ergonomics" comes from the Greek words Ergon (meaning "works") and nomos (meaning "rule") and is defined as the science of human work. Its primary concern is to adapt the working conditions to the individual. While studying or working on computer, the interaction between the human body and furniture is of key importance. When sitting at a desk, the primary concern is for ergonomic sitting. This is the physiologically optimum position, one that is relaxed and therefore aids concentration while preventing postural damage, backache and headache.

Benefits of Ergonomic furniture for kids.

Furniture which Grows with your Child

As children grow, all Kid2youth desks and chairs can be adjusted to their current height and proportions, which makes them ergonomic at all times. Being able to adjust the position of the backrest and the seat depth are as important as adjusting the height of the desk and chair.

Warranties for Total Peace of Mind

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