About us

Kid2youth and TCT dynamic workstations are ergonomic furniture brands from Taiwanese multinational company TCT Nanotec. TCT has been selling these brands for decades in almost all the developed countries in the world. Now these brands are available in India through sole distributors Ergosphere Ergonomics Pvt ltd.

For last 40 years, TCT has continuously invested in R&D to improve quality of human life by producing innovative and ergonomically designed furniture. All products from company are designed with consideration to user’s health and comfort. They help to naturally stretch the user’s spine and prevent strains to the muscles and internal organs. When adjusted properly, users don't feel aches and sores even after long working hours. In addition to ergonomic design, all the materials used in furniture, such as wood-board, paint and adhesives are non-toxic and environment friendly.

TCT is so committed to the quality, that despite having top component manufacturers in Taiwan, major parts are sourced across the globe from best manufacturers in the world. Such as gas lifts comes from Stabilus, Germany. E0 compliant board are sourced from Austria. All products are manufactured and assembled in Taiwan only.

TCT Design Theory

Height adjustment. All desks and chairs are
height adjustable for different age groups.

Angle adjustment. All desk tops are adjustable to allow users most comfortable and healthy position for various activities, such as reading, writing and typing. Chairs are adjustable for seat depth.

Non-reflective. Non-reflective surface
absorbs light and reduces strain on eyes.

E0 and E1 complaint boards and non toxic powder coating on metal parts conforms to the most stringent environment safety standards in Europe and USA.

Certificates and Awards

As a truly ergonomic minded company health and safety are top priorities for TCT. TCT factory meets world’s strictest production standards. TCT product designs are based on research and ISO standards and have been tested and approved by legal medical institutions.